Installation procedure for Volvo’s Deer Grill Guard

Figure 1. Connect Truck Mount to the Volvo's towing hook
Figure 1. Connect Truck Mount to the Volvo’s towing hook

Figure 2. Slide U-shape Holder under the Frame

Figure 3. Connect U-shape Holder to the Truck Mount

The Deer Grill Guard consists of rigid steel frame that is mounted on U-shape holders, that are connected to the Volvo towing hook via specially designed truck mount.

To install Deer Grill Guard on your Volvo truck please follow these steps:

Step 1. Remove safety pins from the Volvo’s towing hooks.

Step 2. Insert Truck Mount inside the towing hooks and secure it with  0.615″ hex bolts that are provided with Deer Guard Package.

Step 3. Slide the U-shape holder under the middle bottom tube of the Frame approximately 2″from the both ends(as shown in Figure 2.). Secure the interior side of the U-shape holder using Clamps. Make sure to tight  the bolts on the clamp.

Step 4. Connect  U-shape holders with Truck Mount using bolts provided in the package.

Your installation is  now complete. Simulation bellow shows how to remove the Deer

Grill Guard in order to access the hood of your truck.